The HCPI Way

Investing capital as a family office allows HC Private Investments to offer business owners and management teams an alternative to the limitations of a traditional private equity fund.  HCPI strives to demonstrate how our flexible and patient capital base, investment approach and firm are differentiated rather than simply saying we are a “value-add partner”.

In our portfolio companies and each new investment we review, HCPI identifies the goals of existing owners and opportunities to remove impediments to growth enabling companies to maximize their full value potential.

  • Executive Advisors are involved from Day 1 of a new opportunity to help craft our Value Creation Plan and ultimately serve as a board member and / or join the management team.
  • Aligned goals for growth are created and achieved using the Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS).
HCPI Executive Summary

Each HCPI investment is centered around the following three pillars as of our investment strategy:

First Professional Investor

Partnering with owner/operators or family businesses, HCPI seeks to provide the necessary resources to unlock the Company’s value potential. With a proven track record, the firm has experiencing completing transaction that range from owners looking to retire to family businesses seeking a recapitalization to assist with generational ownership transitions. Each investment is structured to meet the needs of the Company and its management team. 

Committed Long Term Capital

Our focus lies in cultivating patient capital, prioritizing long-term growth over predetermined timetables. This approach empowers sound business decisions, steering away from short-term pressures. We offer alternatives to the limitations of traditional private equity funds, this enables us to offer strategic flexibility, foster long term growth, and deliver exceptional returns. 

Top Caliber Executive Advisor Partners

Recognizing that effective management is paramount to successful investments, our approach entails collaborating with experienced operating executives in every transaction. Together, we assess and prioritize growth prospects alongside the existing management team. Tailoring our approach to suit the specific needs of each investment, HCPI's operating executives may assume roles on the board of directors or integrate fully into the management team as required. Our rigorous evaluation process places equal emphasis on the human capital aspect as it does on financial metrics and profile. We firmly believe that the management team holds unparalleled insight into the Company, and our objective is to complement their expertise so the Company can flourish. 

Robust Value Creation Plan

Working closely with current owners and their management team, HCPI develops a Value Creation Plan prior to making an investment. Support is provided to management teams with customer introductions, implementation of best practices, strategy development, and operational improvements. The Value Creation Plan is bolstered by the Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS), enabling the tracking of success and the identification, prioritization, and implementation of new opportunities.